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    Latest News

    2018.6.6 2018 IDEC Report released
    2017.7.28 The Acquisition of the WELCAT INC.
    2017.7.25 2017 IDEC Report released
    2016.10.14 Condolences for the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand
    2016.8.17 New HG1G operator interface for the IoT era.
    2016.6.27 2016 IDEC Report released.
    2016.4.01 IDEC's agriGaLF technology goes organic in Hawaii - User story
    2015.12.21 New website for IDEC Europe.
    2015.10.23 New IDEC SmartRelay FL1F with high performance and easy control.
    2015.10.23 PS5R-V DIN-rail switching power supplies. Space-saving with enhanced user friendliness.
    2015.10.23 New HG2G operator interface (basic model) with enhanced performance and high environmental resistance.
    2015.02.19 New HS5L Interlock Switches with Solenoid. Compact with powerful locking strength.
    2014.08.25 EF1A Flameproof LED units available with IEC-Ex, ATEX, and UL/cUL certifications.
    2014.07.14 We have added information on IDEC's Ultrafine Bubble Generation Technology.
    2014.07.09 2014 IDEC Report released.
    2014.07.09 Notice on counterfeit products in China.
    2014.06.30 New website for IDEC Southeast Asia.
    2013.11.12 Global
    2-pole relay with force guided contacts. More choice for safety control.
    2013.11.12 Global
    Intrinsically safe and flameproof operator interface with touch switch. Applicable in hydrogen gas atmosphere.
    2013.11.12 Global
    New additions to the flush silhouette LBW series.
    2013.10.02 Global
    ATEX Directive (European Explosion-proof Directive) compliant.
    Flameproof and increased safety EC2C series control boxes and increased safety EJ5C connection enclosures.
    2013.06.14 Global
    CW series flush silhouette switches with dual contact block. Stylish and compact design with safety features.
    2013.05.16 Global
    SmartAXIS Series FT1A Controller, a powerful PLC with embedded I/O. Touch, Pro, and Lite models available.
    2013.05.16 Global
    Third-generation o22mm XW series emergency stop switches with mechanical indicator.