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    New additions to the flush silhouette LBW series.

    12 NOVEMBER 2013

    | Global

    With stylish design and space-saving features, ring illuminated pushbuttons and round extended illuminated pushbuttons are newly available, expanding its lineup of LBW flush silhouette switches.

    The ring illuminated pushbutton is a new addition to the space-saving, stylish and easy to operate LBW series. Projecting only 2mm from the front of the panel, the LBW series has a panel depth of only 34.9 mm and removable contact blocks make wiring easy. With a choice of flush bezels in round or square and in black plastic or metal, the LBW series with sleek and refined look are ideal for industrial, food, and medical equipment.

    Along with the great features of the LBW series, the new round extended illuminated pushbutton has roundness on the surface of the button, making it even more stylish and easier to use. Ideal for use as a temporary stop switch for machine tools.

    | Global